Sichuan NengTou E&M Material Trade Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan NengTou E&M Material Trade Co., Ltd. is established in April 16, 2013 with the registered capital of RMB 200 million , it is wholly held by Sichuan Energy Investment Group. and play an important part in service industry of business group. The company is specialized in providing products of metal materials, building materials, chemical products, mechanical and electrical products, lubricating oil, engineering machinery, power equipment and also in service of power technology consulting, bidding agency, electrical and mechanical equipment technology, engineering supervision and warehousing.

Since its establishment, basing on its service business for energy industry with the support from the the Energy Investment Group, the Company has been following the market rules and sticking to its business strategy which is Internal market is rudimental, external market is developmental, and both are supported by financial tools. and has been following it’s principle of "opening cooperation" and "market-oriented operations", and using the business model which trade, financial and industry promote each other and develop together. With the integration of various social resources, such as partners, industries and models, the Company has developed a way of fully opened cooperation. With the goals of building up an industry group of energy materials and a modern energy service platform. The company has been striving to develop a professional platform of materials procurement and supplement, and a development platform for energy related investment.

With development of last two years, the company has achieved its expanding from internal market inside of the group to external market outside, from domestic market to international market, and has transformed from a traditional trader to a supply chain management service provider. Now, the company has structured its business into four main area which are material supplement, domestic and international trade, energy industry chain investment, project management consulting services ". In 2014, the company achieved operating revenue of RMB 6.278 billion  with the total profits and taxes  RMB 26.89 million. Right now, the company has eight functional departments, one wholly owned subsidiary and three holding subsidiaries.

In the future, under the instruction of Energy Investment Group's strategic deployment, and on the basement of serving energy industry, the company will search and integrate high quality social resource actively, so as to expand its market. The company will strive to break through its operating revenue with  RMB 14 billionat the end of 2015, and to reach RMB 20 billion  at the end of "Thirteen Five" period, so to make greater contributions for the business development and scale enhancement of the Energy Investment Group.