Sichuan jinding industrial&financial holding Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan Jinding Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (Jinding Holding) is one of the most important subsidiaries of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. Jinding Holding which has approved by the provincial SASAC, founded in March of 2013, registered capital is RMB 2.88 billion.The main service object is small and medium-sized enterprises.

Up to the June of 2015, thetotal asset ofJingding was RMB 10.9 billion, the debt was RMB 5.6 billion, and thenet assets was RMB 5.3 billion.The balance of guarantee business was around RMB 4 billion, the balance of small business loans was RMB 3.8 billion, the balance of creditor's rights investment was about RMB 2 billion, both of the balance of fundmanagement and the leased assetwas RMB 1 billion.Between January and June of 2015, the revenue of Jinding Holding was RMB 619 million, the gross profit was RMB 344 million and the net profit was RMB 273 million, the taxes paid was RMB 143 million.