Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd.

Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Electric Power Development CO. LTD (EIP) is a major power generation company aiming at electric power generating and supply. As a sub company of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group CO. LTD (EII), we strictly followed the mission to “establish the highland of Sichuan clean energy”, vigorously implement the strategy of “promoting simultaneous development of power industry and finance” and the strategy of “four-wheel drive (energy, finance, real estate, modern service industry), synergetic development”. We stick to the principles of optimizing resource allocation, reducing managerial hierarchy, improving investing and financing capacity and market competitiveness rapidly, expanding the hydroelectric business scale of EII. Based on the foundation of original Sichuan hydropower group electric development CO .LTD, our company is formed by restructuring and reorganizing the Western Sunshine Company, the sub company of EII, Sichuan Jinhui Power Supply Development CO, LTD, the sub companies of Sichuan Hydropower Group, Sichuan Hydroelectric Investment Group Daofu Co, Ltd, and other 22 sub companies and project companies of Sichuan Tianlu Power Grid CO, LTD. The company is originally established in May, 2010, located in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, China, with two hundred million registered capital, and Jianwen Wu as the legal representative. Our business scope includes electronic power and new energy resource investment, exploitation, construction and operating management of projects, power generating and supply, MicroGrid construction and management, the service of power station and power distribution, test and overhaul of electrical equipment, electronic power technology consulting services.

Currently we have 22 power stations in service, with the total installed capacity of 380,000 kW and hydropower development right of 450,000 KW. The total asset is 2.8 billion RMB and the net asset is 1 billion RMB. We have more than 400 employees.

Company Development Strategy

Possessing the advantages like the abundant financial funds from EII, the broad market, deeply rooted culture and powerful technical support, we target at accelerating the pace of development, construction and acquisition of medium and small power source, expanding rapidly the scale of assets. We are achieving our development goal to reach installed capacity of 1 million kW in 3 years, 2 million kW in 5 years, 3 million kW in 10 years and hold total assets exceeding 35 billion. With this mission, we will build EIP into major electronic enterprise, focusing on electric power developing, constructing, operating, supplying with selective expansion into direct-supplying electricity supplying. And EIP will become the new highland of clean energy in Sichuan.

Company Development Principle

EIP should insists on legal operation, scientific management, incorruptible employment, solidarity, harmony and win-win business and synergetic development.