Sichuan Energy Investment Runjia real estate Co., Ltd.

Located in No 47 west Dawan road of Qingbaijiang district, Chengdu city, Sichuan province, with a registered capital of 33.75 million Yuan RMB, as a first tier subsidiary of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Energy Investment Runjia real estate Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “RUNJIA”) is a large state-owned enterprise engaged in tertiary industry.

RUNJIA currently employs nearly 500 people and owns many business entities, such as No 1 Runjia Guesthouse, No 3 Runjia Guesthouse, Sichuan Chemical Hotel, Runjia Dining Hall,Runjia Kindergartens (including Headquarters, Fengxiang Division and Rixin Division), Runjia Property services Co.,LTD., Runjia gardening Co.,LTD., Runjia Printing Plant ,Grain and Oil Distribution Center etc.

Business Scope: real estate development, property management, planning, construction and management of landscape engineering; preschool education and children's arts and sports training; sales of pre-packaged foods; catering services, accommodation services and printing.

Apart from Level Two Qualification of Property Management, Level Three Qualification of Landscaping Construction, A-grade of Food Hygiene, Printing Business Licenses, Special Trade License for hotel and accommodation,Food Circulation Permit,Runjia also boasts of a First-grade and two Second-grade kindergartens.

RUNJIA,with "people-oriented, service first" as its business philosophy, strives to become in the next 5-8 years a large modern service enterprises with strong market competitiveness and sustainable development capacity through measures such as establishing a modern enterprise system and scientific incentive and restraint mechanisms, transforming operational mechanisms, building core competitiveness and constantly enhancing the brand and corporate images.