Sichuan Chuanhua Yongxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Chuanhua Yongxin Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd( hereafter referred to as “Company” ), integrated by Chuanhua Yongxin Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd., Chuanhua Overhauling Company(founded in 2011), Sichuan Chuanhua Yongyu Chemical Industry Engineering Co.,Ltd. (founded in 2006) , is Grade A nationalized petrochemical construction company. The company is located in Qingbaijiang district of Chengdu, Sichuan province, with registration capital of RMB 99,386,000.

The company has complete organizational structure and management system and adopts the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the Board of Directors. The company also has professional construction teams of design, installation, fabricating, E&I, civil engineering, anticorrosion and insulation, rigging and transporting, testing and detecting. The company’s business scope covers design for chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, construction and environmental protection facilities; construction and technical support; design for pressure vessels and piping; installation of petrochemical piping, electrical facilities, steel structure, anticorrosion and insulation, foundation construction and NDT; petrochemical facilities fabricating, lifting, technical consultative services (agency excluded) and equipments, tools & materials leasing; sales for construction materials, metal materials(rare and precious metals excluded), equipments, hardware and electrical materials; pressure vessels fabricating; pressure piping installation, hoisting equipment installation and maintenance; boiler installation, rectification and repair; construction of electric power project, water conservancy and hydropower project, municipal engineering and environmental project.

The company is granted Grade A contract qualification in chemical and petrochemical engineering piping installation; Grade B design qualification with ISO9000、ISO14000 and ISO18000 certifications, in petrochemical and pharmaceuticals industry, petroleum and gas industry, construction industry. The company also has licenses for GC1 pressure piping installation, rectification and repair, pressure piping elements fabricating, A1 and A2 pressure vessel fabricating, hoisting machinery installation, rectification and repair, boiler installation and repair; Grade C qualification for electric power facilities installation, repair and maintenance; Grade A qualification for chemical industry anticorrosion engineering; secondary admittance for CNPC projects.; admittance for PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company engineering technical service and HSE.

The company has established a good reputation inside and outside of Sichuan province and has been awarded Luban Prize for Construction Project many times for excellent performance in construction and installation projects. The 200,000 t/a synthesis ammonia domestic-made plant project of Chuanhua was awarded Luban Prize for Construction Project and the first-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 1994; the 12,000 t/a melamine plant project of Chuanhua was awarded Luban Prize for Construction Project in 2001; the 10,000 t/a Lysine plant project of Sino-Japanese joint venture “Ajinomoto” was awarded Sichuan High Quality Engineering Gold Prize (Tianfu Cup) in 1998; the primary reformer technical retrofit project of the 2nd fertilizer plant of Chuanhua has been awarded as the environmental protection and energy saving pilot project by International Greenpeace organization in 1997; the 25,000 t/a synthesis ammonia and 40,000 t/a urea plant project of Mianyang Nanguang Chemical Plant have been awarded as the pilot project by Ministry of Chemical Industry; the 30,000t/a melamine plant project of Sichuan Jinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was awarded National High Quality Engineering Silver Prize in 2008; the 300,000 t/a sulphur-burning sulphuric acid plant project of Chuanhua was awarded Chemical Industry High Quality Engineering Prize in 2009. In addition, the company has been conferred many times as the enterprise with contract spirit and reputation, enterprise with high quality performance and no complain, quality trustworthy unit by the provincial government. The company has been conferred as the national excellent chemical construction enterprise during the Eighth Five-Year Plan Period, Sichuan Top 100 construction engineering enterprises, Sichuan excellent installation enterprise, Sichuan excellent construction engineering enterprise, the recommended enterprises of Ministry of Construction and national excellent construction enterprise.