Sichuan Sunfor Light Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Sunfor Light Co., Ltd. ( Sunfor ), established on 2004 , a subsidiary company of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd (SEIC), is a high-tech enterprise, dedicated to advanced research and development in rare earth luminescent materials and next generation LED lighting technologies, providing industry leading products, services and integrated solution packages to clients across the world. With support and assistance received from various levels of government agencies, Sunfor has experienced continuous annual growth of over 70% in last consecutive five years among one of top 100 taxpayers in Chengdu High-Tech Zone.

In June 2013, ten distinguished academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) alongside other world leading experts in LED industry gathered in Chengdu to undertake a scientific appraisal of a profound innovation breakthrough achieved by Sunfor. They unanimously agreed that: Sunfor’s unique method of using its proprietary rare earth LED luminescent materials, with controllable afterglow life to match up with frequencies of varying alternative currents (ACs) and to significantly reduce the stroboscopic effects produced by with LEDs directly driven by ACs, can effectively solve the vexing flickering problem beleaguering the LED lighting industry. And, by doing so, Sunfor becomes the world’s first and only company able to produce AC-LED lighting products with low stroboscopic flickers based on rare-earth luminescent phosphors. Since its establishment, with over 900 valid patents applications, including over 120 covered by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and more than two patents per capital, Sunfor Light is among the top echelon of the LED lighting industry.

Sunfor Light has established subsidiary companies in Canada, Britain and Spain, and regional representatives in the U.S., Brazil, Switzerland, Morocco, etc. Sunfor Light is not only recognised as Chinese Top 10 Lighting Brand, and be presented with the highest Honour Award of Shanghai Expo. It is also awarded with the dual Innovation Awards in the categories of ‘Built Environment’ and ‘Power / Energy’ by the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET), and debuts in Forbes ‘Chinese Most Potential Enterprises List’. Developing intelligent lighting technology to usher in a better future for the mankind is one of Sunfor Light’s unyielding pursuits.