Sichuan Energy Huaxi Biomass Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Founded on December 31, 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 130 million,Sichuan Energy Huaxi Biomass Energy Development Co., Ltd.(the “Huaxi Biomass Energy” for short) is a holding subsidiary of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Croup Co., Ltd.
Huaxi Biomass Energyisengaged inthedevelopment, investment, construction, BOT and EPC whole-process contracting ofbiomass power generation and new energy industries. The company offersbiomass power generation technology and core equipment, BOT and EPC whole-process contractingservices forwaste water, air and slag treatment and management,as well as BOT and EPC whole-process contracting services forurban sludge treatment. The company also provides professional services such as operation, maintenance, training and consultation for biomass power generation project.