Sichuan Energy Investment Panzhihua Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

According to the eighty-eighth meeting minutes of Sichuan government in 2011, Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. holds the development rights of Jinsha River Hydropower Station. And then Sichuan Energy Investment Panzhihua Hydropower Development Co., Ltd registered in West district of Panzhihua by GROUP on February 21, 2012, who would get in charge of construction and management. At present, the registered capital is RMB 400 million , including Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (60% share), Changjiang Institute Of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (25% share), State Panzhihua Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (15% share).

Jinsha hydropower station is located in Jinsha River of Panzhihua area. The upper distance to GuanYinYan Hydropower Dam is about 28.9km, the lower reach distance to YinJiang Hydropower Dam is 21.3km, and to downtown is about 11km. The maximum dam level of the power station is 70.1m. Total installation capacity is 560MW (4×140MW). Average annual generating capacity is 2.507 billion KW•h. The investment of this project is RMB 6.8 billion. Construction period is 7 years.

Until the end of March 2015, the company registered staffs rise to 49 persons (excluding 7 drivers), including 4 graduated students, 37 undergraduates, 8 specialists. The professional technical force is abundant, for there are 15 senior titles (including 2 professors), 15 intermediate titles.

As the very beginning time, the company will always hold the slogan of "developing energy, promoting development, service for society, achieving win-win". The company will also steadily promote the work in accordance with the principles of “legal, scientifically, procedural, honestly and efficient".

The project Pass is approved by National Development and Reform Commission on December 26, 2012.

Three supplies and one leveling (water supply, power supply, approaching road and leveled ground) are checked by Development and Reform Commission of Sichuan Province on November 12, 2014.

The project EIA is approved by Environmental Protection Department of China on January 28, 2015.

At present, all preparation work is orderly advancing based on these approvals.