Company Profile

Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (SCEI)is a state-owned capital investment company founded on February 21, 2011, with registered capital of RMB 9.316 billion. Approved for establishment by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, the company is an important entity for promoting the construction of energy infrastructures and accelerating the creation of major energy projects in Sichuan.

Since its inception, adhering to its mission of “Developing Energy, Servicing the Society, Improving People’s Livelihood and Making Progress”, SCEI has been an outstanding provincial industrial investment company for equity investment and capital management, having established strategic and cooperative relationships with municipal, prefecture and county governments inside and outside Sichuan Province, international or domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, and scientific research institutions. Maintaining and increasing value of existing assets and substantial growth in new businesses have been realized, and rapid development has been achieved in areas such as traditional energy, new energy and green energy. By the end of December 2015, SCEI has incorporated 170 affiliates, covering the six fields of energy, finance, chemical engineering, trade in services, health and wellness tourism, and new technology and new material, with a total asset of RMB 70.2 billion, net assets of RMB 24.4 billion and sales income of more than RMB 20 billion.

Relying on the development strategy of “Improving Power Grids, Power Source and Gas Fuels, and Developing New Energy”, SCEI has accomplished a large number of high quality projects in the energy industry. While consolidating and hastening the development of the energy industry, the company also realized “Dual Development (industry and finance) and Six-pronged Development (energy, finance, chemical engineering, trade in services, health and wellness tourism, and new technology and new material)" industrial arrangement.

In terms of power grid, at present within SCEI there are 29 local electrical power companies and three power distribution networks in southern Sichuan, northeastern Sichuan and the Qingchuan-Pingwu region, serving 17.6 million people, or 21.6% of Sichuan's population. In terms of hydroelectricity, the corporation owns 174 hydropower stations of different types and specifications, with a total installed capacity (including attributable installed capacity) of 9.2 million kw. In addition, SCEI is the major shareholder in the development of the Jinsha Hydropower Station, with a total installed capacity of 560,000 kW, and is a shareholder in the construction of four giant hydropower plants including the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station, Baihetan Hydropower Station and Wudongde Hydropower Station. In terms of wind power and solar energy, SCEI built Sichuan's first wind farm, the Lama & Lu’nan Wind Power Plant in Huidong of Liangshan Prefecture, and Sichuan's first wind-solar hybrid project in Sichuan, the Yanbian Damianshan Wind Power Plant. In terms of biomass energy, SCEI constructed the Zigong and Guang'an refuse power generation projects. In terms of natural gas, SCEI founded the Sichuan Natural Gas Investment Co., Ltd., which invested in and constructed 1,200 km of natural gas trunk pipeline network that connects to the major economic zones of Sichuan, forming a gas delivery capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year. In terms of shale gas, SCEI is a shareholder and participant in the Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co., Ltd., which extracts shale gas from the Changning Block, located in Yibin. In terms of coal-bed methane, SCEI undertook exploration and development in the south of Sichuan, is currently engaged in drilling tests of the Luzhou Shibo Coal-bed Methane Project, and has plans to rapidly develop shale gas, geothermal power and other new energy in other Sichuan regions. In terms of distributed energy, SCEI has obtained 52 distributed energy projects with a total installed capacity of 1.86 million kW. The company also successfully completed the Xindu Distributed Energy Generating Project, which is the first real distributed energy endeavor, combining the distribution of cooling, heating and electricity. In terms of finance, SCEI founded Sichuan Jinding Industrial & Financial Holding Co., Ltd. with total assets of RMB 13.1 billion and business scope covering investment, micro-finance, financing guarantee, insurance agency, financing & leasing, fund management, (P2P) Internet finance. The company is currently committing full effort into building a financial service platform licensed for all services. As for chemical engineering, SCEI owns 100% equity in Sichuan Chemical Industry Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., which has main product line and annual capacity of 1.5 million tons of 3 synthetic ammonia, 2.3 million tons of carbamide, 300,000 tons of compound fertilizer, 440,000 tons of methyl alcohol, 93,800 tons of melamine, 85,000 tons of 1, 4-butanediol, 46,000 tons of polytetrahydrofuran, 340,000 tons of nitramine, 300,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 100,000 tons of concentrated nitric acid, 158,000 tons of pesticide and other fine chemicals, 3.15 million tons of raw coal and 200,000 tons of phosphate ore. In terms of trade in service, SCEI founded Sichuan Nengtou Material Industry Group Co., Ltd. to provide energy services, and in 2015 the company realized sales income of RMB 14.8 billion under a coordinated development formation in the four fields of “material centralized purchasing, domestic/foreign trade, energy industrial chain investment and engineering consultation management”. In terms of health and wellness tourism, SCEI created Sichuan Energy New-Type Urbanization Investment Co., Ltd., which focuses on the development of tourism and healthcare industries. It is currently engaged in the preparation for developing the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic Area in Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunding Nanping Ancient Town Scenic Area, Hongxingyan Scenic Area in Mao County, Niubei Mountain Scenic Area in Ya'an, Fobao Ancient Town in Luzhou, and tourism in the whole Liangshan Prefecture. In terms of new technology and new material, SCEI insists in marketization and diversification to generate new ideas and new businesses the field of new material & technology. The company has achieved breakthrough in modern lighting industry with its AC LEDs, as well as successes in carbon fiber and power battery industries.

By 2020, SCEI will have aggregated a total capital of RMB 200 billion, net assets of RMB 50 billion and sales income of more than RMB 50 billion, and will strive to be ranked among the top 200 corporations in China. SCEI, by cultivating an array of public companies in different fields such as power grid, wind power, photovoltaic energy, distributed energy, inclusive finance and gas energy, will be positioned as a large-scale and distinguished corporation with significant influence in the general energy sector.