The company’s main businesses include energy, chemical engineering, trade in services, health and wellness tourism, new technology and new material and finance.
  • Energy

    The power supply region of SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT’s power grid covers 29 counties (cities) in Sichuan, over 100,000 square kilometers. Sichuan Energy is the shareholder of 174 hydropower stations with a total installed capacity over 9200 MW. Sichuan Energy has acquired new energy projects with a total capacity of more than 4,000 MW, among which 7 projects have been put into operation already. Sichuan Energy has constructed a gas pipeline network with a total length of over 500 kilometers and a total annual capacity of over 3 billion cubic meters. Sichuan Energy has 30 shale gas wells in production with annual output of over 1 billion cubic meters.

  • Chemical Engineering

    SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT has the largest and the most important gas chemical engineering enterprise in Sichuan. The main products are fertilizer, pesticide and special new materials.

  • Trading

    Trading business of SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT carries out businesses around material supply, domestic and international trade, supply chain management and etc. We have established good relationships with large and medium-sized enterprises from over 20 provinces. In 2015, the sales revenue reached RMB ¥ 14.8 billion.

  • Health and Wellness Tourism

    Health and wellness tourism sector of SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT includes tourism development and health resort construction in 9 scenic areas in Sichuan, including Jiuzhaiyunding, Mountain Niubei, Lake Lugu, with a total area of 3,000 square kilometers. We are working on building international level Tourism and Health resort.

  • Strategic Emerging Industry

    Strategic Emerging Industry businesses of SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT, following pace of economic and social development of region, are diverse. We are now carrying out the research and development in fields of AC-LED technology, carbon fiber composite, lithium mine and power battery. AC-LED and carbon composite products have been put on market already.

  • Finance

    SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT is committed to providing small and micro businesses with convenient financial services in investment, microcredit, financing guarantee, insurance agency, financial lease, fund management, asset management, (P2P) Internet finance and etc. Now, we own one city commercial bank.

As one of the leading State-owned enterprises in Sichuan Province, SICHUAN ENERGY INVESTMENT is willing to work together with all to create a prosperous future!