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Sichuan Energy Panzhihua Jinsha Hydropower Station Project approval documents all acquired.

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Recently, Sichuan Energy Panzhihua Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. pronounced that the Jinsha HydropowerStationenergy conservation appraisal report was approved by the NDRC on April 29, and the Sichuan Engineering Consulting and Research Institute officially issued the Jinsha River Jinsha HydropowerStation Social Stability Risk Assessment Report on May 5. Thus, all mandated approval documents for the Jinsha HydropowerStation has been obtained and official approval of the project is expected to take place soon.

The Jinsha HydropowerStation is located on Jinsha River, a mainstream of the Yangtze, and is a large-scale (2) hydropower station, with a total installed capacity of 560MW, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. Before the official approval, a series of documents are required including the project environmental impact assessment, resident relocation arrangements, feasibility research report, land use pre-approval and many others. Every document to be obtained requires evaluations by national department commissions, different levels of the government and various related departments. Furthermore, since the project involves the two provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, the amount of coordination is quite substantial, adding another layer of difficulty to the challenge.

In order to ensure the legal and compliant progress of the construction of the Jinsha HydropowerStation, since the inception of the Sichuan Energy Panzhihua Hydropower Development Co., 2012, acquisition of the approval documents has always been paramount to the company. Especially since 2016, project approval is the absolute priority for the company's day to day operation, exemplified in the creation of a Jinsha HydropowerStation project approval special task force led by the company chairman, with dedicated personnel in charge of submitting and tracking key documents, full use of all sorts of resources, and frequent communication to ensure swift coordination and explanation, all of which served to advance the approval process. At present, all documents mandated for the approval is ready and has been officially submitted to the NDRC for appraisal, signifying that only the "last mile" remains before the final green light.