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Engie China Visited SCEI

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On the morning of June 6, a delegation led by Engie China CEO Charlotte Roule visited SCEI headquarters. The visitors met with SCEI Vice General Manager Zong Renhuai, SCEI Distributed Energy Company Chairman Chen Guojun and General Manager Zhang Peng, and the two sides held in-depth exchanges regarding cooperation that will take place soon.

To begin with Charlotte Roule introduced about the new changes in human resources arrangement, organizational structure, business development and other areas at Engie China, and stated the hope to expand cooperation with SCEI.

Zong Renhuai expressed a warm welcome for this visit by the Engie team. He recounted the cordial cooperative history between Engie and SCEI, and specifically addressed the project in Yuechi and operation and maintenance strategies, two agendas on high priority with Engie. Zong Renhuai indicated the hope that SCEI can learn from Engie China about advanced technology, managerial experiences and business models that are more suitable to China so as to further bolster the growth of cooperation projects. He also expressed the hope that the two giants can join hands in even more energy sectors and together explore room for development.

Thereafter, the two parties held comprehensive dialogues regarding operation and maintenance businesses for the various distributed energy resources projects, developmental direction of technical service company, status of the construction of the Yuechi project and other potential partnerships.

SCEI Distributed Energy Company vice General Manager Zhang Jianping and personnel from relevant departments, as well as relevant persons in charge of Distributed Energy Technical Service Company participated in this meeting.